Pragmora develops pragmatic nonviolent measures to help resolve ongoing armed conflicts, prevent conflict escalation, and stabilize the peace in post-conflict contexts.

Pragmora Projects

As part of their advocacy work, Pragmora needed a solution to allow their supporters to send an appeal to multiple political parties with one form. This custom coding project was set up to be duplicated so that Pragmora could use it for each appeal.

  • See results from the multi-recipient email appeals

Pragmora excels at compiling articles, posts and news items related to the people and countries that their advocacy work supports. MFP was commissioned to create an advanced search feature to help site visitors find relevant articles by country, issue and date.


Elements of Pragmora projects managed by Multifarious Productions:

  • Client Meetings
  • Extensive Custom Coding
  • Advanced Search Function
  • Form to Multi-Recipient Email
  • Collaboration with Primary Designer
  • Digital Media
  • Technical Support
  • Website Maintenance
  • Theme Customization
  • Client Training