Bringing your ideas to light for over twenty years. Multifarious Productions is true to its name by offering a variety of services specializing in the customization of your ideas in the media you need to make a lasting and effective impact.

Since its inception, Lucy Lehman has feasted on the "hidden" code of Internet websites. With over 16 years of academic and consultant experience, Lucy has applied her skills as a researcher and web programmer to help numerous organizations bring their brand to life on the Internet.

With a strong background in administration, computer programming and multimedia production, Lucy brings a unique approach to each web project. As a professional Kinesiologist with a Masters Degree in Science, Lucy has particular expertise in human-computer interaction, usability, and user testing protocols, as well as in analytic and strategic thinking. Using standards-based web design, valid accessible code, search engine optimization, animation, and advanced scripting, no task presented by a project manager or client is unattainable.

To put it simply, Lucy is a coding geek and proud of it.